Casey Donahew Band

Casey Donahew, ‘Kiss Me’ [Listen]
Texas country hero Casey Donahew's "Kiss Me" is an infectious country melody that beats its way into your heart. The song's writers give a clinic on efficiency, proving great songs need not be complicated.
Casey Donahew Band Teases Upcoming New Album
This week Casey Donahew dropped a giant tease on their fans, announcing a brand new album.
It's been nearly three years since the Texas Country stalwarts released "Standoff," a long time for their die hard fans to wait on new music - but looks like the wait is almost over...
Our Top 5: Songs Covered by Texas Artists
I saw an artist perform the other day, who may or may not be on this list *cough cough* that did a phenomenal rendition of a song outside of their genre. It got me thinking about the artists in our Texas Music scene - the songs they choose to cover at their shows and why they choose those particular…
RTX New Music Challenge: Casey Donahew Band vs. Granger Smith
This is your chance to weigh in on the new music we play — and get an early taste of some great new songs. Last year, these two squared off on iTunes, when both band's albums were released on the same day. This week Casey Donahew toes the line against the dynamic duo of Granger Smith and …

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