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Kip Moore, ‘Dirt Road’ [Listen]
Kip Moore is right when he says his new single ‘Dirt Road’ will raise a few eyebrows, it may just take awhile. Lyrically the new song is country’s Mariana Trench hiding behind familiar references to beer, moonlight and backseat romance.
Kip Moore Anxious to Top McGraw on the Basketball Court
The trash talk has begun. Tim McGraw is known for his music and the way he makes a basketball hoop sing before shows. Kip Moore had a basketball scholarship at Wallace State College in Alabama. The two men start touring together next Friday in Fresno, Calif. You can see where this is headed.
Now Playing: Kip Moore – ‘Young Love’ [LISTEN]
We all remember when we were young and in love. But what am I talking about... I'm still young! I can remember plenty of dumb things I would do in order to see my girlfriends.
Sneak out, sneak kisses, skip class... I was kind of bad when it came to stuff like this because I thought I was in love…
Kip Moore, ‘Young Love’ [Listen]
Wait, only two verses? Kip Moore's new single 'Young Love' is a more traditional arrangement than his previous hits, but that doesn't mean it's generic. With this warm ballad, the 'Hey Pretty Girl' hitmaker proves his sharp storytelling is the rule, not the excepti…

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