Teens (and Arya Stark!) React To The NES
For a generation that has grown up on HD graphics, 12-button controllers and digital distribution, being exposed to the NES is akin to a person who grew up with the NES being asked to play on an oscilloscope
Kids React to the Original Game Boy
The creative folks at The Fine Bros. decided to see how kids in the year 2014 would react when they were introduced to the original Game Boy, the device that blazed a trail for handheld gaming. Their responses are... well, see for yourself.
Nintendo Fixes ‘Mario Kart 7′ Cheat
When you’re playing the 3DS game Mario Kart 7 online, and a bunch of people vote for Wuhu Mountain Loop, you feel like the victims in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ when the Droogs start to surround them in a back alley. The track is plagued with an exploit that lets play…