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Rodney Atkins Shares His Military Experience While On USO Tour
While I might not always agree with war, I am always a huge supporter of our troops.  These brave young men and women risk their lives so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms that we have.  And it is amazing to be able to give something back.
Questions I’d Love To Ask Rodney Atkins: Amy’s Top 5
With Blake's birthday bash just days away, I am getting super excited.  Excited to see Tyler Farr, Josh Thompson and Rodney Atkins perform.  But mostly excited for the meet and greet with Rodney Atkins.  So if I don't get too nervous, there are a few things I'd like to …
Rodney Atkins Tells Us What Country Music Means To Him
Rodney Atkins could not have said it any better, he told "Every time I'm on that stage, I'm reminded of the message I'm supposed to carry out on the road and on the radio to represent this format."
With six #1 singles since he began his music career in 2006,…
Rodney Atkins Dishes On His Most Influential Teacher [VIDEO]
If we take a minute and think bad to our school days, there is probably one teacher that will always stand out.  The one teacher that no matter how much you hated school, she or he wouldn't give up on you.  For Rodney Atkins that was Ms. Butler.

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