School Is Open For AISD On Memorial Day
Amarillo Independent School District has decided to hold normal classes this Memorial Day to make up for a snow day used back in February. Some parents have made plans to go out of town this holiday, but now their children have to head to school on Monday.
Rodney Atkins Dishes On His Most Influential Teacher [VIDEO]
If we take a minute and think bad to our school days, there is probably one teacher that will always stand out.  The one teacher that no matter how much you hated school, she or he wouldn't give up on you.  For Rodney Atkins that was Ms. Butler.
Do Bad Teeth Equal Bad Grades?
There are some obvious pitfalls for those children with bad teeth, including self-esteem issues, poor quality of life, and uncontrollable pain.
However, a new study suggests that kids walking around with busted-out, rotten grills may actually suffer more academically.

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