The Future is Here: Remote Controlled Microchip Birth Control
A new form of birth control is set to go into the initial testing stages starting in 2015.  The idea began with Bill Gates and his colleagues and a MIT scientist.  It is a microchip that is implanted into your arm, stomach or buttocks that releases hormones.  This birth control microc…
The Future In Area Schools
Blake here tells me that when he was in school things were done differently most of the work was done on paper or in textbooks. Also he was always copying from the boards and taking notes by pencil. Well now lately more and more schools are turning to use more technology in their classrooms.
Google Drive Is Here – Is Cloud Storage the Way of the Future?
While Google Drive sounds like it has something to do with the search company’s much buzzed about driverless car project, it’s actually a completely different direction in Google’s quest for world domination.
The 5GB cloud-storage service, which launched this week, allows users to access information …

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