6 Things Amarillo Drivers Need To Know
If you have lived in the great city of Amarillo for any amount of time, there are probably a few things you have picked up on... one of them being that we have INCREDIBLE people. You'll be hard pressed to find better folks... but one thing all Amarillo people seem to have in common is that we a…
Getting Your Car Ready For Winter
The cold weather is slowly creeping upon us and will be at full speed in no time. Nothing is worse than being caught with a dead battery in 28 degree weather. Is your car ready for the low temps?
8 Wildfire Family And Home Safety Tips
With the lack of rain, dry air and wind the Texas Panhandle has been primed for wildfires.
The grassfire between Fritch and Sanford is still a major issue with only 35% of the fire contained.
How To Tell If You’re A Bridezilla
Ok girls, if you are planning a wedding I'm right there with ya. We spend all that time growing up thinking about how perfect it will be, but we never really thought about how much actually goes into said perfection. So take a deep breath,open that bottle (or two) of wine and enjoy the whole pr…