How To Weaponize Your Office Supplies
Have you ever been in an office situation where you absolutely had to perform violent physical mayhem on someone but didn’t have a weapon handy to do it with? Holy coincidence us too! Well, we’ve got you covered.
‘The Avengers’ Trailer From the ’70s Is Fantastically Awful
‘The Avengers,’ which hits theaters on May 4th, is the first live-action movie adaptation featuring the complete team of Marvel superheroes.
Or at least we thought it was. But it turns out The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and the rest assembled and did battle with Loki in a little known TV movie i…
What the…? Woman Fired After Donating Kidney to Boss [VIDEO]
In today’s economy, it seems even donating a kidney to your boss isn’t a guarantee of job security.
Debbie Stevens, a Long Island divorced mother of two, alleges that she was fired from her job after donating a kidney to her manager, Jackie Brucia, and now she&CloseCur…
Pat Green ‘What I’m For ‘ [VIDEO]
I'm for Texas margaritas, gettin outta debt. I'm for havin faith in something that hasn't happend yet.
Pat Green is live on stage TONIGHT at Midnight Rodeo. If you're all for  Texas Country, Country or just rockin music don't miss this show ...

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