I have just taken up in the last 2 years and I'm being honest when I say I am not that good, but this video makes me want to play a few rounds even more.

When I was younger I hated golf even though I did not know anything about it. My family is full of golfers who go it seems everyday. If it is a nice summer day with little wind then they are on the green. But me, I could not watch it on TV for nothing, it was the most boring sport ever. If I would go to the golf course it would just be to drive the golf cart.

But these past 2 years that I have gotten in the game I find it to be the most entertaining sport that I am able to play. If you want to get away from everything for a peaceful time, golf is the way to do it. Especially if you and the guys want to have a ice cold beer and play a round of golf. This video caught my attention just scrolling through YouTube and it is a must watch video. Check out the Golf Wars.