Maybe your Grandmother buys you one every year. Maybe your Mom has them in her closet. The Ugly Christmas sweater !!!!

But now, everything that's old ( and outrageously tacky) is new again ! The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is sweeping the country with parties, bar crawls and contests. It's the perfect party idea because no one has to buy one, just browse through Mom's closet or your collection of bad gifts from the past. Everyone will look ridiculous but that's the fun of it !

This year we'll host our 3rd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party and it's something all of our friends look forward to. Yes, that is us in the pic from one of our fabulously tacky parties :) Notice the home made puff paint detail on mine lol. The sweaters get worse every year, and the parties even more fun ! If you really don't have one of your own you can always pick one up at any thrift store for a few bucks. If you get lucky like we did last year you can find shoulder pads, singing kittens and even sweaters that play holiday tunes ! You have to take it up a notch and go out on the town ! Last year a group of 10 of us sang  karaoke  to 'White Christams' in our sweaters at a local hangout....we left quickly after lol ! Whether you stay home or hit up the town its sure to be a great time ! Just make sure to spike the Eggnog and take lots of pictures. Check out this link for more Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas !