I know it's Tuesday, but is wrong of me to wish it was Friday? I guess I'll have to wait. Well today's show was filled with the usual insanity.

Someone who is quite insane--or confused--or high is Miley Cyrus.  Apparently she likes to tell inside jokes about smoking weed and Bob Marley. Also on the show today we discovered that there is a website that will help you breakup with your partner for a price. That's taking the Dear John to a whole new level.

Break Room News

Miley's A Stoner - Or Maybe Not - But Probably

On her 19th birthday Miley Cyrus said she was a big stoner. Then her rep came out yesterday and said she is not a pothead and her references to Bob Marley and smoking weed at her recent birthday party were an inside joke.

Inside joke? Inside of a bong joke is more like it. You don't just go out and say, "I'm a big stoner," just for fun.

Here is my guess as to what is going on. This is all speculation. Miley probably does partake in the Devil's Wheat. When she said she was a stoner, she was probably being truthful. But Miley has an image to uphold. An image that says, "I can dress provocative at my concerts, but I don't smoke illegal substances." Miley's people want her to keep that image so that she can sell tickets and merchandise to the teenie bops that adore her. If Miley starts saying she's a stoner, the teenie bop moms won't let their children go to her concerts and Miley and the record label behind her lose money. Again this is all speculation

They'll Do The Breaking Up For You

iDUMP4U is a 'service' that calls people's partners and dumps them. The rate is different depending on the type of breakup. A basic breakup is only $10 but starting a divorce is $50. During the holiday season, Santa calls men and women. If you want to know more about iDUMP4U you can go to there website iDUMP4U.com However when I went to look at the site it was down.

McMorning Winners

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Congratulations to Nancy! She was today's trivia winner and won a Healthier You Prize Pack.

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