My Husband Lane has been to over 13 different countries thanks to his time in the US Navy ! And in each of those countries he ate at a  McDonald's. You'd think it would be the same ole burger and fry story but no...turns out things are a little different everywhere ya go. His favorite -of course- was a McDonald's that served beer in Hong Kong  ! On our honeymoon in Rome , Italy we took a break from pasta and hit up the Roman McD's. Trying to order the usual in Italian was as hard as you might think lol so there was alot of pointing. I was a little surprised that I didn't instantly recognize all the old standbys, and I ended up with something called the McRoyal. Sort of like a bacon cheeseburger with mystery Mcsauce. We're still not sure what exactly Lane ended up with, but he said it was good :) Now here's the biggest difference we ran into. Ketchup. You have to pay the Euro equivalent of .20 per ketchup packet. God Bless America for her freedom AND free condiments lol. Check out this link for all sorts of other fast food goodies being served at your favorite fast food joints around the world :)

Oh and the first thing we ate when we landed back in Amarillo ??  Taco Villa bean burritos, extra green sauce :)