What do you think about this? Leave your thoughts/comments below on who you would vote to run the great state of TEXAS!

Tim McGraw was on ‘Fox and Friends’ this morning, and show host Steve Doocy asked him if it was true that he might run for Governor of Tennessee one day. McGraw’s reply? “I think ‘I’d like to run’ is probably sort of a rumor. I’m from Louisiana so politics always fascinate me. It’s sort of like a national pastime where I grew up. You know, you never say no to anything.”

He adds, “I’ve got three kids, I’ve had a great career, this country’s given me a lot of opportunities … so if there’s any point in time where I feel like I could actually help, you know, maybe that would be one thing I might do, but it would certainly be after my kids are grown and I wouldn’t worry about any kind of skeletons that might pop up.”

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