Residents around 34th & Osage got a scare on Monday when a van caught fire next to gas pumps at a convenience store.

Talk about hating Mondays, customers and employees at the Taylor's convenient store on 34th & Osage received a scare. A company van pulled up to the gas pumps and caught on fire.

The Amarillo Fire Department received call around 11a.m. on Monday (July 23rd) morning about a vehicle on fire. The driver inside, an 18 year-old male received minor burns on his body moving the burning vehicle away from the gas pumps.

Fire fighters were able to put the blaze out before it spread and propane tanks inside the were a cause for concern. The cause of the fire is not yet known and is still under investigation, although fire officials think it could have started from a spark inside the vehicle.

According to "The fire did a total of $7,000 in damages to the van and the equipment inside. No other damages were reported"