Being part of the United States, you'd think we'd have a lot in common, right?  Well, maybe, but as far as our interests nope.  A company called Estately ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to see which words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other.

Google is one of the best things to use when looking for information.  I always search a place before going on vacation.  It is a useful tool!  You can learn a lot about your neighbors by Googling their name.  But you can learn even more by their Google searches.

A company called Estately did extensive research to show us exactly people in all 50 states searched the most.  Some of the answers are funny and some are just disturbing!  Let's take Texas, for example.  Ever wonder what Texans Google the most?  Here are some of the top searches.

Are dinosaurs real? / Are zombies real? / The Bill of Rights / Boogers / Calf Implants / Can dogs talk? / Chupacrabra / Curves International (company) / Do I have herpes? / Does beer make you fat? / Government Mind Control / How to cook meth? / How to sell your soul to the Devil? / Justin Bieber (singer) / Krunk / Meth Recipes / Porn / Purple Drank / Rodeo / Snake Bites / Tacos

Everything from Justin Bieber to selling your soul to the devil.  Hmmm, that is a little bothersome.  But one thing I do agree with on this list is TACOS!  Texas has some of the best tacos on the planet.  LOL.