Towns and cities all over the globe share names. Some names are shared more than others. Ours appears to be pretty unique.

The website allows you to search for a city's name, and will give you an interactive map of all the places in the world that share the same name. Of course I had to see how many places in the world are named, Amarillo.

I expected there to be an Amarillo from countries all over the world. As I waited for the search results to load I wondered where the strangest place named Amarillo could be.

To my surprise, there are only 5 cities named Amarillo in the world according to the map at! Not a single Amarillo was found in Europe or Asia. Definitely no Amarillo in the land down under.

No, the only places named Amarillo are found in the Americas, with our home being the only one in the US according to their map.

For reference there are 53 cities named Paris, 25 named Athens, 23 named Moscow, and 29 named London.

So when you get to feeling like there is nothing special about our city, remember we're unique if by nothing other than name alone.