Amarillo has made quite a name for itself in military history. And Petty Officer 1st Class Gabriel Lechuga has not only made a huge mark for himself in military history but he has also just put Amarillo back in the military history books.

And in doing so, he joins Amarillo military legends such as Colonel Rick Husband (USAF), Brigadier General George Beverley (USAF), Colonel Paul Lockhart (USAF), Brigadier General Odell Conoley (USMC), and Medal of Honor recipient Lance Corporal Thomas E. Creek (USMC).

What is "Silent Service" Exactly?

The "silent service" is a nickname given to a submarine force who submerge more than 600 feet below the oceans surface for up to four months constantly patrolling and working classified missions.

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The Submarine in question

Petty Officer 1st Class Gabriel Lechuga is on the USS Alaska (SSBN-732) which is a united states Ohio-class ballistic missile nuclear submarine which is one of the best submarines in the world. The USS Alaska is 560 feet long, can go greater than 25 knots (46 km/h or 29 mph) and is armed with the MK-48 torpedoes and trident II D-5 ballistic missiles. The SSBNs are designed specifically for stealth, extended patrols and the precise delivery of missiles.

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Who is Petty Officer 1st class Gabriel Lechuga?

Petty Officer 1st class Gabriel Lechuga graduate Palo Duro in 2004 and joined the Navy 14 years ago as he didn't want to freeload from his parents. Petty Officer 1st class Gabriel Lechuga serves as the electronics technician navigation. Whose responsibilities include ocean navigation and logic and analog circuit repairs. To become a electronics technician in the navy you need a ASVAB score of 222.

13 U.S. Service Members From the Texas Panhandle Killed During the War in Afghanistan and Iraq

These 13 U.S. service members are the Texas Panhandle's native sons who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country during the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We are honored to call them one of our own and we are eternally grateful for their service. As you scroll through the photos, we ask you to honor their memory and loss felt by their loved ones.

With honor and valor, we salute the 13 men of the Texas Panhandle who gave their lives for this country.

Information gathered from Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Always Prepared: Check Out These Doomsday Bunkers in Texas

I'm not the kind of guy who believes that at any moment the whole of everything is going to go up in flames. If I was, and I had an extreme amount of disposable income, I would want to spend the apocalypse in one of these insane bunkers you can get right here in the Lone Star State.