Chris Janson really likes pumpkin spice lattes. No, he really likes pumpkin spice lattes.

The country singer, who has been known to enjoy a can of caffeinated Mountain Dew (or five), recently cut back on carbonated sodas and has turned his attention to flavored coffee instead.

In a December Instagram post, the "Good Vibes" singer posted a photo of himself with 10 pumpkin spice lattes and the caption: "Yes!!! I found pumpkin spice!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to me. @starbucks."

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Janson elaborated on his newfound coffee love at a recent media roundtable in Nashville, in which he noted he's actually buying some Starbucks locations out of pumpkin spice lattes in Nashville.

"The bottom line is this pumpkin spice latte, only from Starbucks, is good," Janson confesses. "Let’s face it, nobody makes it as good as they do. I’ve been liquidating all the stashes around Nashville because they stop them at Thanksgiving, but that’s just not good enough for me, so I know there’s Targets and all kinds of [stores] that have Starbucks, so long story short. ...  I’ve liquidated them. I buy them 10 at a time, I put them in my fridge and I drink them. I’ve had like six today.”

If fans are wondering where Janson gets his jolt for his electric onstage performances, pumpkin-flavored coffee could be the answer, but the country singer also shares a contagious energy that stretches far beyond what any PSL can provide.

Now landing his third No. 1 with "Good Vibes" – after 2015's "Buy Me a Boat" and 2017's "Fix A Drink" – Janson is at a positive crux in his career and believes he's inching toward the next stratosphere in country music. The singer-songwriter is continuing his tour now through August, with his final date currently slated for the North Idaho State Fair on Aug. 26.

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