Rumors about Cody Jinks' ambitious album release schedule have proven true: The singer-songwriter has announced that he'll release the new record The Wanting on Oct. 18, just one week after the Oct. 11 release of the long-awaited album After the Fire.

The wolf photo -- that, in the best possible way, looks like it belongs on a truck stop T-shirt -- that's been circulating among Jinks' fans is the cover art for the artist's eighth career album. So far, Jinks has shared "Same Kind of Crazy as Me," an album track that starts out cynical before sharing sound reasoning to live by the Golden Rule. Press play above to hear it.

The news of Jinks' back-to-back album releases makes one of the biggest independent artists in country music stick out even more while keeping him from forcing an incoherent double album, holding finished songs for months on end or letting quality material get swept off the cutting room floor.

Jinks has also shared some more new music from After the Fire: The same press release that confirms his consecutive album releases announces "William and Wanda" as the latest song shared from After the Fire.

"We lost my grandfather earlier this year. My mother's father was the only grandfather I had, and we got closer than we had ever been after the death of my grandmother," Jinks shares of the story behind "William and Wanda." "He fought in Korea and was a part of the last great generation, so when Nanny died, we all saw a different side of him. When "William and Wanda" came as an idea, I knew I had to write a song about how my nanny probably fussed at him for being late to Heaven.

"I started the song shortly after his funeral, and my wife Rebecca helped me finish it," he continues. "She would say, 'Your nanny would have said this,' and I would respond with what Papa would have said. It's the first full song Rebecca and I have sat down and written together. We are so proud of it; it's celebrating a 60-year love story told by two people building their own."

Full track listings for After the Fire and The Wanting have not yet been released.

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