So the other day I was looking for something to watch on youtube when I came upon a video titled "why Japanese Soldiers Became Texans" which when I'd watched it and learned about the 141st infantry regiment.

Origins of the 141st Infantry Regiment

So the 141st origins can be traced back to the Texas Revolution such as Company A, First Texas, 1836 fighting in battles like the Alamo and the battle of San Jacinto. The Company A, First Texas disbanded after Texas won its independence with many members leaving to join the Texas rangers. But was quickly reformed after the civil war and were the First Texas Volunteers in the Spanish American War.

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Formation and World War 1

On October 15th 1917 the 141st U.S. Infantry was officially formed in Fort Worth, Texas at Camp Bowie and on October 8th 1918 the regiment began participation in the  Meuse-Argonne campaign one of the great chapters in combat history. The 141st along with the 142nd regiments attacking German positions and resulting in a substantial gain of ground but took heavy casualties losing 66 officers and 1,227 enlisted men.

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World War 2

The 141st regiment was inducted into federal service on November 25th 1940 and was assigned to the 36th Infantry division and on September 9th 1943 The 36th Division enter world war 2 and completed the first world war 2 amphibious assault in Europe by any American division was near Salerno, Italy. And on December 15th 1943 took the village of San Pietro. Soon after the 141st followed the first special service force up hill 730 and after capture of hill 730 the German called the 141st " wild men from Texas, skilled in fieldcraft and fighting".

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"The Lost Battalion"

On October 24th 1944 Against the advice of his senior officers Major General John E. Dahlquist committed the 141st to an engagement were the battalion was cut off by the Germans. When the order was given to retreat only the flanking units receive the order. Which lead to the 141st getting enclosed by the German forces cutting them off from any supplies and no way to retreat. But on October 30th the 442nd and 100th broke though to the 141st rescuing them the German surrounding forces. After world war 2 ended the 141st regiment was deactivated December 22nd 1945.

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1970s to Present

In 1973 the 49th armored division was reactivated along with the 1st and 3rd battalions of the 141st infantry assigned to 1st brigade 49th division and in 1979 the 2nd battalion joined them. And by 2007 the 49th armored division was released from active federal service reverting back to state power and becoming the Texas National Guard.

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