We're constantly seeing updates on newer and more creative scams hitting the Amarillo area. Thieves are stopping at nothing to try and separate you from your hard-earned cash in Yellow City. In one of the latest scams targeting us, these diabolical scammers are tugging on your heartstrings by using adorable photos of sweet little puppies.

Puppy Scams Are Targeting People In Amarillo, Texas

Everyone loves puppies. There's something about a puppy that just makes you soft and turns your brain off. You pick them up, make weird googoo gaga noises, and enjoy a euphoric rush of happiness as everything they do is the most adorable thing you've ever seen. Puppies are magical.

This is probably why scammers are using puppies to target people in Amarillo. Amarillo Police Department recently posted on social media about the increase we're seeing in the number of scams involving these sweet puppers.

I dare you to look at that photo and tell me that the rational part of your brain didn't just shut off while the rest of you just screams "awwwwwww". That's exactly what the problem is.

If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It's Probably A Fake Puppy

This is the big thing. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Some dog breeds go for thousands. To think that you somehow got lucky enough to stumble across a social media post that will give you one for next to nothing is like thinking you've got a guaranteed lotto win headed your way.

The advice given in the above social media post is great. APD nails it when they say to check into the person offering the puppies for sale. Even if you aren't purchasing from some sketchy social media post, you should still do your homework and check out the seller.

Of course, there are a lot of shelters and organizations in the area that would love to help you find your new four-legged best friend. Rescues and shelters are great ways to go about getting a dog. No matter how you get your dog, be safe and smart when you do so.

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