It may have taken six years, but Amarillo's newest haunted house is set to give you all the thrills you crave in 2022. In case you haven't heard yet, the newest haunted attraction in town is located on West Sundown Lane, which is eerily appropriate.

The Haunt At Sundown is a new massive haunt that can't wait thrill, chill, and entertain.

A Six Year Long Labor Of Love Produces Amarillo's Newest Haunt

A post that was made on The Haunt's Facebook page states it clearly. This hasn't been an easy task. The opening of the post reads,"100 times I wanted to quit, but 101 times I kept going."

Once you read just how much has gone into The Haunt At Sundown, you start appreciating that sentiment a little bit more.

The Haunt At Sundown is housed inside a 6,000 square foot warehouse. It's on six acres of land just outside of city limits. That's a big property with a lot of room for scares.

What To Expect At The Haunt At Sundown

This is always the tricky part when it comes to haunted houses. For the most part, what's inside is kept a secret so that you get the best possible experience.

Thanks to one reviewer, we do have the tiniest of insights into some of the things we can expect.

The review mentions a fog swamp, and it also mentions a giant monster. They go on to mention how much they like the layout of The Haunt, and heap praise on the actors of which there are several.

The Haunt At Sundown has over 20 actors working to make sure you get your money's worth.

There Are A Lot Of Haunted Houses In Town, Be Sure To Spread The Love

This is a point that The Haunt makes in their post about the haunted house. We do have several haunted attractions in the area. There's always something new popping up.

The Haunt reminds everyone that every haunted house is its own work of art, and that they all offer something unique and different. All that they ask, is that you put them on your list of haunted houses to visit this year.

You can keep up with The Haunt At Sundown by checking out their Facebook page.

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