TikTok has given us a lot over the years. There have been plenty of viral videos that made us all laugh. People selling courses on how to sell courses found a platform to sell their courses on. From thirst traps to life hacks, it's given us everything the internet has to offer. However, Amarillo, I'm begging you to not try these 10 cleaning TikTok trends. They can actually be dangerous.

Why Do TikTok Trends Keep Trying To Kill Us?

When it comes to TikTok trends, there's one segment of the video-sharing app that is the best at giving out horrible advice. The life hack community of TikTok exists to teach us all shortcuts for daily living, but most of the advice is either completely ridiculous or is just plain dangerous.

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Experts from House Digest just put a list together of the 10 most dangerous cleaning hacks from TikTok. Follow the link above to see their analyses. They are:

  • Couch cleaning with Tide pod and microfiber cloth (can destroy your couch)
  • Overload the toilet with cleaning products (can destroy your pipes, toilet, health)
  • Fabuloso self-cleaning toilet tank (can destroy your toilet)
  • Toaster underwater (do I really need to say anything)
  • Fabric softener dust repellent (just no)
  • Airfrying soap and water (can ruin your air fryer and your food)
  • Self-cleaning "mode" ovens (inviting hell into your kitchen is never a good idea)
  • Cleaning floors with laundry pods (laundry pods belong in the laundry)
  • Pouring bleach and soap down the drain...at the same time (toxic fumes for you)
  • Mixing bleach and vinegar (even more toxic fumes for you)

Look at this list. I defy you to read that list and not ask yourself, "What the hell is wrong with people?"

How Many Of These TikTok Cleaning Trends Can Actually Kill You?

Unless your name is Walter White, you shouldn't be combining cleaning chemicals for any reason. When you mix bleach and dish soap you don't get super duper clean sinks, instead, you potentially get chloramine gas. Chloramine gas is bad for you. The scary part is that it's odorless. So you won't know you've got it until you're getting sick, or your eyes are itchy and watering, or you start having some breathing issues.


Mixing bleach and vinegar is another monumentally boneheaded idea. You don't get a super clean tub. Instead, you get chlorine gas which, guess what, can be FATAL. As a man, I get a lot of crap for not knowing how to "properly clean" my home from my girlfriend, but even I know you don't mix bleach and vinegar.

Using the "self-cleaning mode" on your oven can also lead to disaster, especially if you use commercial cleaning products on your oven before engaging the fires of hell. When you use that mode, your oven gets insanely hot and it can do a ton of damage if not done properly. Most experts recommend you not even touch it. It's a neat option that you just don't ever use. People have lost their homes to a fire thanks to the "self-cleaning mode".

Remember, TikTok Is All About Clout

As nice as it would be to believe that all of the accounts on TikTok exist to simply make our lives easier, it isn't true. Most accounts exist to keep their legions of followers coming back for more, no matter the cost, because those views turn into cash. Honestly, who thinks running water through your toaster is a good idea?


I'm guessing if you're smart enough to submerge your ELECTRIC toaster in water, then you're bright enough to probably do it while it's running. You've probably done the math and realized that hot water sterilizes stuff...so if you heat the water with the toaster you save time. Heads up sweetheart, it's a really bad idea to submerge your freaking toaster in water. Real bad. Put the toaster down and go do something that exercises your brain. Read a book. Do some third-grade level math. Try to learn half the words on the nutritional info on a box you have in the pantry. Just leave the toaster alone.

Maybe a TikTok ban wouldn't be the worst thing that's happened to us. It's one less place for people to suggest mixing bleach and vinegar.

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