If you didn't already know Amarillo has a Hollywood connection. We are lucky to have Sharpened Iron Studios,  a movie studio, right here in our neck of the woods. Now what is cool about that is that we are able to have movies and stuff for television produced right here.

Which is really pretty great. If you think about it, a movie production company right here. Which makes cool things like this a possibility.

Amarillo Set for Premiere With All the Hollywood Touches

Sharpened Iron Studios is set to have a big movie release. Their first feature film. Which really is big for them and of course Amarillo. The movie is called "What Remains".

This raw story of forgiveness, faith, and family is Anne Heche’s final film performance, alongside Kellan Lutz (THE TWILIGHT SAGA, THE EXPENDABLES 3), Cress Williams (Black Lightning, IN YOUR EYES), and Marcus Gladney Jr. (The Underground Railroad) and has its World Premiere with two in-person screenings at the Austin Film FestivalThe film, follows a Black small-town pastor forced to contend with the convict who murdered his wife returning to town, leading to a relationship that infuriates the pastor's estranged son, while the town sheriff investigates another murder that may be related.

This movie is about to make its premiere in theaters and digital platforms on December 2nd. But guess what? Amarillo, we get to see it first. When does that ever happen? Plus we will have some of Hollywood pay us a visit. I mean this is really cool for us. We have Sharpened Iron Studios to thank for all of this.

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Heck, they are putting Amarillo on the map for Hollywood movies. I can't wait to see where this is going to take them and us.

What better place than the Globe-News Center to get that Hollywood feel? Our special one-night gala will be the night before it hits theaters. They have a lot planned for this star-studded event.

The premiere screening will be on December 1st with a VIP reception, handprint ceremony, and talent arriving at 7 pm. The screening of "What Happens" will start at 8 pm.

Here is Who We Can Expect to See from Hollywood in Amarillo

Attending in person in Amarillo: 

writer/director/producer Nathan Scoggins; cast members Kellen Lutz, Cress Williams and Marcus Gladney, Jr.; production team members Ralph Winter, Korey Pollard, Sean Doherty and Stelio Savante; Special guests Shannen Doherty and others TBD.

This is the final movie for Anne Heche. So this will be the last time we will see anything new from her since her untimely passing earlier this year.

Amarillo finally gets the Hollywood treatment we deserve and we have Sharpened Iron Studios as our connection to this. All their hard work to make this happen is a win for Amarillo.

Make sure you get your tickets HERE and make sure you are a part of all of this. You can be the first to say you were at the premiere.

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