If you're a fan of watching gangster movies, you'll find that many of those movies have scenes where the mobsters are hanging out in the barber shop getting a shave. There's even a scene in "Rounders" where Matt Damon is getting a shave and says he feels like he's going to get whacked sitting in the chair.

I love being able to go to a barber shop and get a good, close shave. They do it in a way I can't replicate at home. However, there don't seem to be TOO many places in Amarillo that offer this. Or is there and we just don't know about them?

Well, you'd be surprised as to how many places there are in the city where you can get that kind of shave. Not everyone offers straight edge cuts, whether it be the hair on your head, or facial hair. I believe there is a certain certification you have to have, but I could be wrong on that.

So where are some of the places you can still go around Amarillo in order to get that straight edge goodness? Well, there are probably more than you think, but not as many as you think. Does that make sense? Probably not. Regardless, here's just a few places you can head to that have barbers who can pull out that blade and give you that close shave.

Tune-Up: The Manly Salon
MLB: Major League Barber Shop
RJ's Shave Palace
Julian's Barber Shop
Union Barber Shop
The Society Barber Shop

That's just a few of the places that I'm aware of that offer up a straight edge experience. I have no doubt there are others, and I'd love to hear about them. Everything I do, from my head to my face is straight edge, so I'm all for having options!

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