I decided to try my hand at DoorDash deliveries about a year ago here in Amarillo. Yes, making a little extra money is nice. I really like the stories I get to experience. I like meeting new people at the restaurants that I stop at for pickup.

I am not a big fan of the "hand it to me orders" when I get to a customer's house. I mention that a lot. They just seem to always be a bit awkward but they happen.

I don't want to be that cranky DoorDasher that complains about tips. It always leads to a debate. The customers on social media always say then get a real job. I have a real job. A lot of them say that it may look like they are not tipping when you get the order on the app but they always tip cash when they get their food.

The amount of times I can tell you that is a lie is pretty laughable. Yes, I do get cash tips sometimes at delivery but for the most part, those are from people who have already tipped on the app. I have been doing this for about a year and I promise you that is true.

There are the occasional non-tips on the app that hand you a five on delivery, but that is very rare. Then it seems there are people who defend non-tippers by saying "You don't know their situation." You are really blessing them by delivering without needing a tip.

I mean maybe they don't have a car and this is the only meal for their family. Maybe they are in a desperate situation. I get it. There are cheaper options than having a delivery service drop your stuff off. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and try to be understanding.

The One Time I Am NOT Understanding About a No-Tip Order

I get it, I don't have to accept orders that don't have a tip. I don't ever if I am signed up to deliver by offer. That is when you get a small base pay by DoorDash and the tip pays the rest. You know if the delivery pay is $2 there is no tip. I don't care how many miles I have to drive I usually decline those.

If you sign up on your shift to deliver by time you never know until the end of the delivery if there is a tip or not. When you sign up to deliver by time you get an hourly wage and tips. Most of these offers you get are long miles and sometimes they are no or low tips. Sometimes they are great tips. It's a crap shoot.

The orders that drive me up a wall are if someone orders coffee or ice cream and then decides to not tip. Especially if that delivery takes me upwards of five to ten miles. That is a huge chunk of time out of my schedule for no payoff. That may just be a 10 mile drive out but then we have to drive 10 miles back before we get another order.

Oh, and there is very rarely a coffee or ice cream delivery that is a necessity. I am not helping a starving family. I can't justify it that way. I know the DoorDash fees can be high, I get that but don't take it out on the delivery person. We don't get any of those fees. We are not the ones to blame.

Having your food and desserts delivered is a luxury so remember that. Don't forget about that driver that is using their own car and their own gas. They are the ones waiting at that restaurant and saving you from leaving your home.

Please take care of your delivery driver. If not you may be forced to leave your home and pick up your own ice cream.

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