I was driving around the Bivins area the other day. I like to take drives around Amarillo to check out different neighborhoods. I like to see the yard work and the outside of homes. I like to check out where I live.

Amarillo has a lot of great neighborhoods. When I took the drive I didn't have a set destination. I was just going for a drive. There are a lot of beautiful homes. Each street I drove down had a lot of nice trees to look at too.

That is one of those things Amarillo doesn't necessarily have a lot of. We are lacking in lots of trees in the neighborhoods. That is one thing I notice right away. As I was driving down checking out flower beds, landscapes, and front doors. I do love noticing homes that have more than just a basic black or white door. Those red doors and turquoise doors just jump out at me.

I was going from one street to another when I made a wrong turn. OK, maybe it wasn't a wrong turn since I had no destination but it sure seemed like I left the Bivins area. I didn't though. I just thought that this street definitely didn't look like all the others.

Melissa Bartlett
Melissa Bartlett

This is nothing against anyone who might live on this street. I never actually, though, saw a person or a family. The street was Herman. Oh did it stick out like a sore thumb? I even made sure I drove my daughter by later on to see what she thought.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yeah, that street is definitely out of place in the Bivins neighborhood. Check it out for yourself. The block is just one street block long. So there are not many houses on the street.

Really it's only half of a street because one side had some empty houses. The other side was fences and trash for the houses on the street behind them. It was really weird. Check it out for yourself.

It just looks pretty deserted and definitely out of place from the rest of the streets that I drove down.

Herman Street Doesn't Look Like it Belongs in Bivins

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