The slogan for literally any police department in America is "To protect and serve". It's their credo, it's what they live by.

So what I've never understood is when police departments start up a campaign and everyone becomes irritated with it. I mean, they do these campaigns to make sure the public is protected, right?

One thing I see a lot of in Amarillo for whatever reason are people driving without seatbelts. I get it, they can be annoying at times, especially when they get all locked up on you for absolutely no reason.

However, these things are proven lifesavers. How many terrible accidents have you seen or read about and you thought for sure no one came out of that alive? Then you hear or read the quote from an officer that was on scene, and it goes something like, "that seatbelt saved their life".

That's the exact reason the Click It or Ticket campaign is back on in Amarillo. It's not to annoy you or "hit a quota", it's to save your life. Airbags are great, and yes, they do save lives. However, the airbag doesn't stop you from getting thrown out the front windshield.

That's what the seatbelt does for you. TXDOT stats say that when you wear a seatbelt, you reduce the risk of dying in an accident by up to 45%. It's even greater if you're in a pickup at 69%. In 2022, there was a 2.5% increase in deaths from an auto accident due to people not wearing their seatbelts. That's 1,258 lives that could've been potentially saved by simply wearing their seatbelt.

This isn't just for the driver either. Remember, everyone in a passenger vehicle must be wearing a seatbelt, and anyone can be ticketed if they aren't wearing it. If you get a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt, you're looking at a minimum $160 coming out of your pocket. If it's inexplicably a child not wearing one, that number jumps to around $350.

Keep your money in your pocket and yourself safe. Remember, we only get one life. Don't throw it away because you couldn't take two seconds to buckle up. Click it or ticket. It's for your own good.

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