Lately I've been noticing around the country that states are starting to increase speed limits on their highways, but we haven't heard anything about Texas entertaining the idea of doing the same.

For example, New Jersey recently upped the speed limit to 80 mph on their Garden State Parkway allowing people to get to where they're going just a little bit quicker. My guess is most people were already traveling at 80 mph, or faster, on it. So why not just legally change it?

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Now, I'd imagine changing a speed limit isn't just a gathering of people saying they feel like going faster somewhere. There have to be studies done as to whether or not upping the speed limit will cause more accidents, or if it's safe to do so.

Highways with a lot of twists and turns probably aren't the best ones to up the speed limit on. I've seen a lot of people who don't understand how to navigate that. For the most part, Texas highways are relatively straight.

So why doesn't Texas up the speed limit in a lot of these places? For example, in Amarillo it's rare to find a speed limit higher than 65. Could we handle a 70 mph speed limit? I feel like we could.

According to Texas law, the maximum speed limit we can have is 70 mph. Now, I'm imagining this is within city limits because I've been on plenty of highways around the state that are 75 mph. For example, I-27 is set at 75 mph once you get to Hollywood Rd. It opens up then, but it's also just open land.

The Texas Transportation Commission is allowed to go past that 70 mph limit if they deem the highway can handle it and it'll keep drivers safe.

So with other states upping the speed limit and us proving we can handle going 70 mph on I-40 and I-27 safely, admit it, you already drive this fast, why not just up it and let us cruise around town at 70 mph?

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