Have you heard about the hoopla involving stolen wild geese from a park in Allen, Texas recently?

It started with a post on social media platform Nextdoor that flagged an individual suspected of absconding with several geese from Lake Bethany Park. The proof?

Well. A picture of a woman with several geese in her arms, fleeing the scene.

Thankfully, the geese were recovered, thanks to fast-acting authorities. But that's not the only time there's been fowl play in the Lone Star state.

There have been yet other incidents of purloined poultry in Texas.

Abduction at the Austin Arboretum

In November 2018, two women went to the media with a video and a claim: someone was stealing the ducks from the Arboretum.

The two women, who had been long-time patrons of the park's feathered residents, reported that the number had dwindled from 95 ducks to 44 ducks in a matter of months.

Concerned, they set up patrols and surveillance cameras. After the cameras captured footage of two men fleeing the park with a duck in tow, the women took the footage to police. Unfortunately, the police were of no avail.

While I'm not sure how this particular instance turned out, it does make one wonder...what the heck are they stealing ducks for?

The Goose Grabber of White Rock Lake

A year prior, in 2017, there were reports of someone snatching up geese at White Rock Lake near Dallas, Texas.

According to this article, witnesses reported seeing a man pull up in a vehicle, open the door, grab a goose by its neck and yank it into the car before taking off.

Apparently there were multiple incidents reported. Which once again makes one wonder what the heck this person would be stealing geese for?

With only a three hour drive on I-35 separating the two incidents of fowl snatching, I'm inclined to wonder if the two rashes of thefts are related?

Is there such a thing as a serial waterfowl snatcher?

Stranger things have happened in Texas.

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