I don't think it's a big secret anymore that I'm a big sports card collector. I've talked about it and mentioned it here on numerous occasions. When I moved here from Austin, one of the first things I checked on was where is the local sports card shop.

It's a nice little shop, don't get me wrong, but I'm used to much bigger shops with a vast selection of stuff. Everywhere I've lived has always had at least one or two of those types of places.

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Another thing my favorite shop in Austin used to do was trade nights and local monthly card shows at the shop. They were always very well attended and I was able to make several trades and purchases each time I went. I've looked for something similar here, and just can't seem to find anything like that.

No groups, no trade nights at the local card shop, and the closest thing to a show to attend are the ones that pop up in Lubbock from time to time. However, I never get the chance to make it to those shows as it always seemingly pops up on a weekend my boys are playing ball.

I've kicked around the idea of going on a site like Meet Up and posting something to create a trade night in the city. My problem is I don't know how well attended it would be or if any of us collectors would get anything out of it.

I've stumbled upon a couple of collectors on Reddit and they've been great to chat with, but does Amarillo have enough collectors in it that would support something like this? What about bringing a sports card show locally to the Amarillo Civic Center? Are there enough people to support it?

I know there are collector shows that happen there, but nothing that seems exclusive to sports cards and memorabilia. A lot of it seems like it's based around comics, Pokemon, etc., and while I love seeing that kind of stuff pops up, I'd like just a sports targeted one for once.

So sports card collectors of Amarillo, I want to hear from YOU! Are you out there? Would you attend a trade night sort of thing if it got thrown together? Let me know, because I miss having local collectors to talk to and trade with.

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