Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie Xo, have quite the love for one another. Their love story is as original as a fingerprint and heart-filling to watch.

When you've been with someone for as long as Jelly and Bunnie, it can be challenging to think of unique date ideas to keep the spark alive. But Jelly Roll planned out a fun adventure for his wife when they had some down town.

Jelly Roll Plans Epic Date for his Wife

Most couples with children can appreciate the small window of opportunity that sometimes pops up where mom and dad can go out for a date.

Sometimes, after being together for a long time, planning and executing a date for your person can be challenging, as you two have probably have done most things together.

Jelly Roll, proving once again that he is the man, not only at music and at life, but at planning epic adventures. He and Bunnie recently had some down time, and Jelly took full advantage of it.

The video recap of their date begins with Bunnie revealing that it is indeed a day date, and that "Papa Bear planned it himselfs."

Their date looks to have begun with them going on a short, scenic road trip, which ended at Turnbull Creek Falconry in Nashville.

Jelly planned to have Bunnie hold the falcon first, but he got roped into doing it instead. Bunnie was showing him how to do it, like she was a falconer in a past life.

Jelly, as he nervously held the intimidating bird, said, "This is crazy! This is a big bird dude!"

Bunnie put on the glove and held the falcon next, and then both of them learned about the bird and got to pet him.

Jelly Roll took the bird to where it can fly, held out the falcon glove and as the falcon flew back on his arm and landed, Jelly said, "What the f---!"

After their falcon adventure, Jelly took Bunnie to get a huge steak dinner. When the steak arrives, Jelly jokes, "That's 30 ounces of meat baby, you're used to only getting 3." To which Bunnie replies, with full sincerity, "Oh my God, I hate you."

Recently, Bunnie stood up against hateful comments about the couple's journey toward having a baby. Specifically, she took issue with fans who've had negative things to say about their decision to pursue surrogacy.

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