Kevin Costner's Season 5 salary on Yellowstone is enough to cover the combined salaries of all the primary cast members in Season 1. As the show has grown in popularity, each star's paycheck has multiplied.

The man behind John Dutton has crossed an important threshold for television stars but two of his cast-mates might join him soon. A Yellowstone spinoff could put Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) into the $1 million club.

As in, $1 million PER EPISODE!

Costner has been one of the the highest paid actors on television for several years, but his Day 1 salary was relatively meager. His investment has paid off in 2024 — when you find out what Paramount+ is paying him you'll understand why he's not closing the door on a Season 5 return.

Find the salaries for seven Yellowstone cast members below. You'll also see what the stars of 1923 are making — let's just say they're getting paid very 2024-like salaries to pretend to be cattle ranchers in Montana.

Information was pulled from reputable news outlets, not newer publications that avoid sourcing their findings. For a long time, Yellowstone was one of the most expensive shows on television but Amazon's Rings of Power far surpassed that figure.

'Yellowstone' Cast Salaries Revealed

Here's how much each of the primary cast members of Yellowstone make, per episode. Season 5 (Part 2) of Yellowstone has just started filming. We've also included salaries for two major stars from 1923.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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