Episode 2 of Yellowstone is about cleanup, while Episode 3 of Season 1 is about payback. A main character ends up in jail, and it's not who you're thinking.

It's not who you're thinking, unless you're re-watching Yellowstone. You won't find any spoilers in this preview, unless you've not watched the series premiere. Scroll down to see photos and a few more points about the back-to-back eps coming on Sunday (Sept. 24).

  • Ep. 2 and Ep. 3 of Season 1 of Yellowstone starts at 8PM ET, or after 60 Minutes.
  • Ep. 1 ended with tragedy and the death of a major character.
  • Season 5 of the show is on hold indefinitely due to Hollywood writer and actor strikes.

Ep. 2 is called "Kill the Messenger" and it zooms in on the mess made during a battle between the Dutton family and Livestock Association, and the Broken Rock Reservation. A medical examiner's report leaves John Dutton and company vulnerable, so the family takes drastic measures to try to keep everyone out of jail.

Ep. 3 is "No Good Horses" and it's a Kayce Dutton-centric episode. He's making a major career decision, but finds himself at the center of another bloody mess. Meanwhile, a Dutton is gunning for a job in politics and the tension between Jamie and Beth reaches a boiling point.

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Both episodes feature two deaths, all violent. The original airing of Ep. 3 also featured nudity, but CBS is likely to crop or cut out Beth Dutton's behind and bare breasts during a scene that finds her grieving the anniversary of her mother's death.

Look for full recaps on Sunday night and Monday and a new episode of the Dutton Rules podcast by 4PM on Monday (Sept. 25).

PICTURES: Look Inside 'Yellowstone' Season 1, Episode 2: 'Kill the Messenger'

Yellowstone continues on CBS on Sunday (Sept. 24). Season 1, Episode 2, "Kill the Messenger," finds the Dutton family dealing with the fallout from the deadly confrontation at the Broken Rock reservation.

PICTURES: Look Inside 'Yellowstone' Season 1, Episode 1: 'Daybreak'

Yellowstone Season 1 makes its debut on CBS on Sept. 17, bringing the saga of the Dutton family to a whole new audience. Take a look at some highlights from the series' debut episode in the pictures below.

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