It's that time of year.  We are less than a week from the 4th of July and everyone is ready to celebrate.  However, the celebration should not include setting off fireworks inside the city limits of Amarillo.  Most of the fireworks stands in the area are open for business.  Just because you can buy fireworks, doesn't  mean you should buy them and bring them into Amarillo.  In fact, it is illegal.  That's why fireworks stands are outside the city limits. 

Bottle rockets and other fireworks
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If you are caught with fireworks in the city limits you are looking at a fine of up to $2,000. This law includes possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling or using fireworks in the city limits.

This isn't a new ordinance for the city, in fact, this ordinance has been in effect for over 30 years.

The things you can have inside the city limit are novelty items like the poppers and snaps, those items activated by a string. Those are not considered fireworks.

The Amarillo Police Department will have extra officers on duty during this season to respond to fireworks calls and enforce the law.

Don't have fireworks in the city limits.  It's not worth a  fine or destroying your home or your neighbor's home with a rouge firework.

Even outside the city limits, please be careful when shooting off fireworks.  Keep in mind a burn ban is still in effect for Potter Country.

The city does offer a Fireworks Amnesty Program. This allows you to have your fireworks disposed of safely. Not only does that cover fireworks, but you can have your small arms ammunition, primers, powder and propellants disposed of with this service.

Who needs to shoot off fireworks with so many amazing fireworks displays in the area:


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