To step out from beneath the shadow of her father, Krystal Keith needed to go softer -- and she has. 'Get Your Redneck On' is not the bombastic anthem the title suggests and fans may have expected after hearing her four-song EP. It's an understated, organic performance that allows Keith to introduce her own unique personality.

A gentle acoustic guitar opens this single from Toby Keith's daughter. Banjo and a plucky mandolin anchor Nathan Chapman's arrangement. From there, the song grows into something of a campfire jam:

"Muddy bank between my toes / Kicking back while the river flows / Wherever the hell it goes / I don't really care to know / I just wanna hear a country song / And get my redneck on," Keith sings with sincerity.

Later, she and her co-writer (Chapman) get carried away with the redneck imagery (Carhartt, moonshine, etc … during one forgettable verse), but for the most part they remain on point.

There's something deliciously rebellious about the chorus. It makes one smile believing that Keith may have been a little bit wild while Daddy was on the road during her formative years. She's comfortable singing about partying until dawn and skinny dipping. Suddenly, she seems like a pretty normal kid.

Credit Chapman for a chorus of shouts during the title line of the chorus. The cue will work well during Keith's live shows. Plus, it turns a somewhat mild-mannered country song into an anthem you may want to turn up to 10 on the car radio. More than anything released on Keith's EP in April, 'Get Your Redneck On' sounds like a song that's uniquely hers.

Key Lyrics: "Hey, yeah / Skinny dippin' in the moonlit water / Coolin' off doesn't get any hotter / Hey, yeah / All you country sons and daughters, don't you wanna holler / Get your redneck on."

Did You Know?: Krystal comes from a long line of good cooks, but she's taken her passion for food to the next level. Check out her Barnyard Bistro blog for her latest recipes and food experiments. The pictures will leave you wishing for lunch.

Listen to Krystal Keith, 'Get Your Redneck On'

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