Zac Brown Band guitarist Coy Bowles has written a children’s book and some of the proceeds are going towards a children charity.  Kid Rock is also feeling charitable in his hometown of Detroit. And American Airlines flight attendants want to get rid of 30 Rock because of Alec Baldwin's actions. More details and my opinion can be found in today's McDaily webcast.

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Zac Brown Band member Coy Bowles has written a children’s book titled ‘Amy Giggles, Laugh Out Loud’. It's available on the band’s website. Some of the proceeds benefit CampSouthern Ground, a Georgia-based charity that helps kids overcome emotional challenges

In Other news…

Kid Rock is giving out 1,200 gift cards to needy families in the Detroit area. The cards can be redeemed at local food stores.


American Airlines flight attendants continue to petition to have 30 Rock removed from their in-flight viewing menus. They are still upset with the way Alec Baldwin treated one of their own last week.