Just seven years removed from the cancelled 2004-05 season, the NHL is moving perilously close to another major work stoppage. The regular season is still scheduled to begin October 11, just two weeks away, but the owners, who locked the players out earlier this month, have now decided to fully cancel the preseason.

This does not bode well if you're a hockey fan.

The two sides have agreed to sit down and talk on Friday, but not on the primary issue dividing them, revenue sharing. Instead, they will discuss secondary issues like grievance procedures, travel, medical care, pensions and benefits.

Not to downplay the admittedly major differences between the sides here, but you have to wonder how a league that is still recovering—both financially and popularity-wise—from a very recent season cancellation could possibly let that very same catastrophe strike again. There is still time, but it's running out fast.

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