MachinimaPrime has been producing some pretty hilarious videos and its newest is no let down.

In its most recent video, MachinimaPrime takes two franchises that are very much different and yet very much the same -- Super Smash Bros. and 'The Hunger Games'. The Wii Fit Trainer and Mega Man battle it out for the Annual Super Smash Games and things get a little bloody to say the least. A lot of familiar faces show up in this mash up.

It seems that as the Wii Fit Trainer and Luigi play to run away to Luigi's haunted mansion, their plans are dashed when she gets picked as the girl tribute (even though she's barely in one game). Going up against her seem to be Luigi and Mega Man and they're all racing to get that star.

You can check out the video above and see the rest of MachinimaPrime's parodies on its YouTube channel.

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