Taylor Swift Opens Up About a Future in Acting and Admiration for Emma Stone
In addition to her powerhouse country music career, Taylor Swift has been slowly dipping her toe into the waters of acting. Most recently, she starred as the voice of Audrey in the Dr. Seuss film ‘The Lorax,’ but the blonde starlet has had a significant taste of the big screen in her young career. In 2010, she portrayed a high school student in love in the flick ‘Valentine’s Day.’
Jason Aldean Has Acting Aspirations
With Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift taking roles on the small screen and in films, respectively, it’s no surprise that another country singer might get in on the fun. Jason Aldean has had his interest in acting aroused. But he will look before he leaps and he will not shoot first and think later. In fact, he would be open to easing into acting to make sure he likes it. It has to be the right fit
Toby Keith Quits His Acting Career
Maybe it really is true that you just can’t do it all. At least that’s what ‘Red Solo Cup’ singer Toby Keith seems to be discovering. After making appearances in the movies ‘Beer for My Horses’ and ‘Broken Bridges,’ Keith says he’s throwing in the acting towel for good — but not because he didn’t enjoy it.
Noomi Rapace vs. Rooney Mara — Who Has More Staying Power?
It’s not uncommon for bestselling novels to make their way to the big screen — but Stieg Larsson’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ has seen not just one movie adaptation, but two. Lisbeth Salander, the iconic tough-as-nails computer hacker from the book, has now been embodied by two gorgeous actresses: Noomi Rapace, who starred in the 2009 Swedish-language film, and Rooney Mara, who shares top b
Lauren Alaina Would ‘Love’ to Try Acting
Lauren Alaina will be the first one to tell you that 2011 was the best — and the busiest — year of her life, but 2012 is slated to be a monster one as well. Alaina will kick off the new year in Vegas before hitting the road with Jason Aldean at the end of January, and though she’s gaining new experiences by the day, she says there are still things she’s anxious to try out, like acting.
Taylor Swift’s 2012 Plans May Include an Acting Gig
Taylor Swift‘s 2012 dance card keeps filling up, and 2011 still has two-and-a-half months left! The singer has been busy penning songs for the follow-up album to ‘Speak Now,’ which is due out next year. She will undoubtedly be promoting her debut fragrance Wonderstruck through the end of this year and beyond, as it’s a long-term promotional commitment. But Swift recently dropped another hint as to
Will Clint Eastwood End His Acting Retirement for a Baseball Movie?
Clint Eastwood told reporters in 2008 that ‘Gran Torino’ was “probably” his last on-screen appearance as he was preparing to retire from acting. Now it looks like that isn’t the case. According to Entertainment Weekly the 81-year-old is currently in talks to star in the baseball drama ‘Trouble With the Curve’ as a veteran scout losing his vision.