The Weirdest Crap I Found On Reddit Today
If you're not familiar with Reddit, it's a social news site that hosts all kinds of weird, interesting, and sometimes totally messed up stuff that people post from around the world. You can find breaking news stories, funny jokes, humorous pictures, weird photos, and some other things that you will never want to see in your life.
Mosquitoes Are Back Thanks To The Rain
No reports yet of the West Nile virus in the area, but reports excluate around August and September. Those months are when most cases are reported and city officials hope this summer is low for the virus.
16 Breathtaking Photos of Ladybugs
Continuing our unofficial "Stop Being Afraid of Insects" series, here are 16 pictures of ladybugs. Granted, most people aren't afraid of ladybugs, but they've probably never seen that video of a ladybug taking off in super-slow motion. Or had a house infested with them. They can be pretty disturbing when they're part of a throbbing ladybug mass. But not like this. This is adorable. Read