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Tops in Texas
We’ve got a brand new No. 1 song in Texas this week. Who lands it? It was a big week on the radio for Casey Donahew, Whiskey Myers, and Jon Wolfe; but only one can be Tops in Texas.
10. Sam Riggs -- High on a Country Song
9. Josh Ward -- Broken Heart
Casey Donahew Band Teases Upcoming New Album
This week Casey Donahew dropped a giant tease on their fans, announcing a brand new album.
It's been nearly three years since the Texas Country stalwarts released "Standoff," a long time for their die hard fans to wait on new music - but looks like the wait is almost over...
5 Things You Never Knew About Casey Donahew
You know all the words to his songs like "White Trash Story" and "Stock Yard", but I'm sure there are at least five things you don't know about Casey Donahew, who will be performing tonight at the Taste of Country BBQ Nationals. I had dinner with him a few months ago at Hofbrau h…