Coolest Smart Phone App Called Akinator Can Read Your Mind
There's a popular game that is so smart and unique that it's hard not to be amazed by it. The internet game is Akinator, the Web Genius, a game similar to 20 Questions where a cartoon genie tries to guess the name of a character the player is thinking of, being right most of the time.
Ten TV Shows That Were Turned Into Board Games
As long we've had TV, game companies have been translating some of our favorites shows into board games.
A couple of the big game companies while I was growing up were Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley. Both are now owned by Hasbro. Over the years game companies have  extended the reach of…
Can You Guess Who This Country Star Is?
We were able to stumble across this picture on the internet and had to share it with you. The only thing is we blared out the face and want you to guess what Country star would take a hilarious picture like this?
Were going to offer you up a clue: Pound Sign
Let us know who you think it is on our Face…
Monopoly is Boring Because You’ve Been Playing It Wrong
You probably think of Monopoly as that excruciating board game you have to play with your family, unless your mom likes to make her nephews cry and it gets banned from the house (thanks, Mom!). It turns out it's not the Parker Bros.' fault that the game is so mind-numbingly dull -- it&apos…

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