I Love My Baby Yoda!
It is a sad but true fact, I have never in my life, not once, ever watched a Star Wars movie. Not the beginning, not the end, nothing. Leo and Rebecca have talked about it on The Morning Show countless times because Leo is a huge Star Wars fan and Rebecca never knows a thing about it. I literally ca…
We All Scream For Ice Cream
I'm one of "those" people, who don't need an excuse to eat ice cream. With temps above 100 degrees, I had the perfect excuse to go try ice cream in a new way!
Carrie Underwood Finished Recording New Album
Carrie Underwood will spend the holiday break with family, friends and her new album. A report from her fan club forum reveals that the singer has finished recording vocals for the still untitled fourth album, and she’ll be listening to the finished cuts over Christmas.

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