This Dog Loves His Showers
Most dogs hate baths.  I know when I go to give Bailey a bath she sees the water and starts dog paddling in mid-air as I lift her up and put her in the tub.  Then she puts her head down and shakes the whole time.  Jasper, just keeps trying to make and escape so by the time I'm done giving him a bath…
10 Best Dog Breeds For Single Guys
When you're a single dude -- no matter how popular you are with the ladies -- there will always be downtime.  When your female companions are busy with work, need to head home, do some wash, or are just sick of being referred to as “friends with benefits,” you may find yourse…
What You Can Expect On The New Season of "Pit Bulls and Parolees"
Pit Bulls and Parolees, an Animal Planet reality TV show, has recently been renewed for a new season, which will be its fifth since its debut in 2009. The show follows the Villalobos Rescue Center, which is currently stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the founder, Tia Maria Torres, as she resc…
Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers - Our Top 5 List
There are millions of gifts out there for pet lovers, but these 5 really take the cake. We scoured the internet looking for the greatest gifts for the pet lover in your life. From sweet to silly, you're sure to find something perfect below.
Watch My Dog Pass Out
I was just eating lunch when I noticed my puppy was wobbling on the kitchen floor, bobbing his head sleepily. My mom grabbed the camera and filmed him when he suddenly fell over! Here's the video of our sleepy puppy.

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