Photos Of The Tornado Aftermath In Moore, Oklahoma
The clean-up is under way in Moore, Oklahoma after the deadly tornado tore through the town. Police and fire officials are still searching through the rubble in hopes of finding survivors, although time is running out.
On Monday, the EF5 tornado took over 20 lives and injured hundreds more...
3-D Picture Booth Will Turn Your Photos Into Figurines
In Japan, a creative lab named 'PARTY' has opened a new exhibit where guests can get their pictures taken and turn said photographs into figurines. Sounds cool, right? Just look at how awesome the finished product is:
The exhibit, titled 'Omote 3D Shashin Kan,' runs from November …
Taylor Swift Shares Pictures of Her Vacation at the Beach
All things being equal, it doesn’t seem terribly likely that any of us will end up frolicking on in the surf with Taylor Swift anytime soon.
Fortunately for anyone who’d like to have the chance, Taylor has been kind enough to share a few photos from her recent beach va…