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Storytime at Texas Air & Space Museum in Amarillo
First I know I am behind in the times in the fact that I didn't even know we have a Texas Air & Space Museum here in Amarillo. How have I not known about this? I asked a co-worker if he knew this. That made me feel worse because not only did he know he has actually been out there.
Love for the Amarillo Airport
I hear people complaining all the time about things in Amarillo. They complain about the traffic. They complain about the construction. There are even complaints about the weather.

806 Health Tips: Some Helpful Flying Tips
Have you done any flying since the pandemic hit? I had a flight scheduled in March to fly to Dallas to help my daughter move. I had to go. Luckily I could just cut my losses and make the drive.
Getting to Use My TSA Precheck to Leave Amarillo
I took a few days to visit my daughter in the Dallas area. This is the first trip I got to take since I obtained my TSA Precheck status. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I didn’t feel having it leaving Amarillo was as important as heading back from Dallas last Wednesday.

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