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Townsquare Media Calls Amarillo Businesses’ Corporate Offices After Reports of Employees Panhandling
One evening this week, I was scrolling through my Facebook to see what my friends were up to, what their day was like, what their kids accomplished when one post in particular caught my eye.  One of my FB friends was disheartened by something that happened at a convenience store drive-thru.  She had said that the cashier didn't offer her change back, but asked her if she wanted her change back.  I
Opinion: Are Consumers Being Misled About Gasoline Profits?
My wife and I were watching the news the other night to hear a local reporter say words that about made me fall off the couch laughing! "How long do you think these amazingly low gas prices will last?" If $3.79 a gallon is amazingly low, I would hate to see her example of high gas prices. With summer rolling in and family vacations on the horizon, I can't imagine how much it will cost m