Why I Chose To Pre Plan My Funeral in Amarillo
I know this is not a fun topic to discuss. It does not kick off any party... but we are all going to die. I just have a plan! As I am getting older in life I know that I don't want to cause a lot of stress on my daughter. So this made sense for me.
Have You Tried Making Wine In Your Instant Pot Yet?
Everyone needs a hobby. We all need to try a little more do it yourself kind of activities. I mean we get a sense of being able to create some really neat things. One thing I have discovered that you can make is Instant Pot Wine. No I am not kidding. It takes a little bit of time and some planning. …
Single-Serve Wine Is Coming To Texas Stores
It will be the same palette-pleasing wine, but the size of the container will be changing. Instead of buying a large bottle, you'll be able to buy a much smaller container that's easier to polish off all by yourself.

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