We are 23 days away from Christmas. And today is a cold way to start off a cold weekend here in Amarillo. I hope that you are able to stay warm this weekend as we have low temperatures and freezing rain. The recap today contains enough information to keep you busy for at least 7 minutes or so. Maybe longer if you read slow. Some interesting stories too; a women traveling with high quality gifts is pulled over, you may start seeing more pickles in the gym--it's got what the body needs.

Break Room News

Santa's Stash

The Illinois State Police recently arrested a woman for drug possession. The 58 year-old was driving from Pennsylvania to California when officers stopped her and found 28 pounds of pot wrapped up as Christmas gifts.

The woman’s  mother was also in the car and apparently believed the presents were legitimate.

Can't play the audio? Go here.

"Oh man. Which presents did I put that in." Santa Jr. said as he frantically looked through his father's work sack.

Pickles In the Gym

Yahoo claims pickle juice is replacing Gatorade as America's most reliable sports drink. Pickle Juice Sport founder Brandon Brooks says he provides his product to nearly two dozen teams and more than 100 professional athletes. His sales are up by 54% from last year alone.

I'll try it. But I don't think pickle juice is going to 'taste' refreshing after a run. I had cucumber water before--it was different. But I'm not a big fan of cucumbers.

They Want To Steal Your Face--book Info

Facebook users are being warned about a new Email scam that steals personal information. A fake message from Facebook informs users 'their account will be deleted in 24 hours unless they provide email, password and credit card details'.DO NOT click on it. Or anything that says;

"LAST WARNING: Your account is considered to violated (sic) the policies that are considered annoying or insulting to Facebook users."

Don't click on things from people you don't know. Think of this as not talking to strangers online. Also, don't put your phone number, address, or anything like that on your facebook profile. It's just safer.

McMorning Winners

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Congratulations to Wendy for winning today's trivia. And good job to Shelly for winning tickets to see Roger Creagor!

Test your mental skills with McMornings trivia every Monday through Friday at 7:20am.

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Hey don't forget that the $12 tickets for Brantley Gilbert are going to stop selling on Wednesday, Dec.  7th. After Dec. 7th the only way to buy ticket's is at Midnight Rodeo on Dec. 15.


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